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Become an affiliate partner and share our passion for CBD!

Organia is a new CBD oil brand. We’re proud of our portfolio of high quality CBD oils, carefully crafted with our customers in mind. Herefore, we are looking for new partners who want to join our EU Affiliate Program.

What is the Organia Affiliate Program?

This program is an easy way for anyone with social media or other internet platform presence to earn an additional income by introducing new customers to Organia. Those new customers can be your friends, your family, your social network following and any additional audiences. When someone from your network makes a purchase on, we pay you a commission. That is it!

This is what makes us different from other CBD affiliate programs:

Attractive and flexible commission plans - receive up to 30% commission (CPA)Access to the best premium CBD products Exclusive offers and frequent promotions in the online shop The program is also available in most EU countries Cut out the middleman with direct partnerships or apply for a well-known platform like Awin (international) or Adcell (DE only)Eye-catching advertising materials with a high click rate and proven conversionSecure payment, high conversion rate and low return ratePersonal and prompt communication

How do I earn money as a partner for Organia?

As an Orgnia affiliate partner, you will be provided with a trackable referral link (an affiliate link). What you need to do is promote this link to your audience. There are a lot of ways you can promote your link: on social media, your website, blog, or any other social media network. For every person who clicks on your link and completes a purchase of CBD oil or any of Organia CBD products at, you receive a commission on that sale.

How much can I earn by doing affiliate marketing for Organia?

We pay you a 30% commission on every sale at that comes from someone using your unique affiliate link.

How and when will I get paid?

Commissions are paid monthly, usually in the middle of the month. You can receive your commission payments either by Bank Transfer or via the payment system of the affiliate network you have joined.

How do I get started?

Firstly, it is essential that you begin with a passion for Organia's CBD products. We highly encourage any potential parents to try our products, so they can speak from personal experience. Sharing your personal CBD story on social media or your private blog/website is a great way to get started as a Organia affiliate partner.

For every completed purchase, initiated by our CBD affiliate link, you will earn up to 30% commission. On top of that, you will help spread awareness and educate people about CBD and its properties.

Is there support for affiliate partners?

Yes! As part of our CBD affiliate program, Organia will provide you with a dedicated account manager, who will keep you updated on any offers or changes to the program. In addition, we will provide you with eye catching advertising media for your website and social media pages.

For any other additional question, assistance and requests, you can simply reach out to the Nordic Oil team by email at

Do I need to ship the products myself?

No, you just need to direct traffic to our website - We will take care of shipping and handling.

Is joining this CBD affiliate program free?

Yes, it costs you nothing to become a Organia partner.

Where do I sign up?

Simply fill out this form on top of the page and our team will get in touch with you. We will share all the details about the program, as well as any restrictions that may apply.

Ready to join the adventure and become a part of the fast growing CBD market? We look forward to working with you as a trusted affiliate partner to one of the best CBD brands!

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Organia Team

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