About us

Why Organia Exists?

Organia is a Finnish-Estonian CBD oil company that exists for the people and people only. We believe that CBD is for everybody. It makes your life better in multiple ways and offers help from healing headaches to easing anxiety, enhancing focus and better sleep.

We are here to help you understand and develop your own relationship with this natural awesomeness we call CBD.

Technicalities and gimmicky specs aside. After all, it’s just oil.

Miika Peura

This is Miika. Our great leader. Till now he has
been a fund manager and holding CFO positions for numerous big buck deals in
Scandinavia and Central Europe. He packs a punch with tons of experience in the
business field. That’s why we trust him so much. And yeah, don’t get him mad.
He’s not nice when he’s mad. Fortunately, that does not happen in the CBD field.
He’s a sports fanatic and a pretty hardcore gamer. If Miika wouldn’t have met
Ahti, there wouldn’t be a story like ours. Like Organia.

Ahti Kiili

Whatever the word is for opposite of conservative, Ahti’s picture will be next to it in the dictionary. A lifetime of chasing wild ideas has led him to develop anything from real estate to companies to restaurants and now to CBD oils. Some say he developed our oils to share his good fortune 1-3 drops at a time. And when Ahti and Miika started nibbling with the CBD business idea, Mikko also wanted a piece of the action and joined our venture.

Rauno Kutti

Lo and behold, our one-man orchestra, Rauno Kutti. This hyperenergetic man-child will dive headfirst into any sea and come out swimming. He is know for his skills in digital marketing, for being a wild guitarist, being a sought after marketing consultant and for tons of other things he manages to pull out his sleeve. He created a leading social media & digital marketing agency called VURR and made an exit 8 years later to Publicis Group.
PS! He has an MTV award… just saying. We’re not jealous at all…

Rauno Kutti
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