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CBD – the gateway to a drug free life

CBD does not hit you in the head with a shovel and make you lose conscious. However, sticking to a very strict schedule of taking my oil drops, going to sleep, and waking up, I am finally 100% off industrial pharmaceuticals.

CBD - tā ir tikai eļļa... Bet tā palīdz!

Sveiki, Es esmu Miika. Es strādāju Fondu un Finanšu industrijā jau vairāk kā 10 gadus. Biznesa dzīve jau kopš absolvēšanas ir bijusi ļoti trauksmaina un noteikti nav bijusi brīva no stresa.

CBD takes the edge off of my hangovers

Everybody knows that in your 20s you can drop a bunch of social drinks down your throat. You can mix and match, and t...
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