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ahti kiili mouth full of pills will be replaced by CBD | Organia CBD oil experience

CBD – the gateway to a drug free life

Ever since I was a child, I had been having difficulties falling asleep. Whether it was the anxiety of having to wake up early for school or later the stress of work following me to bed in the evenings. Whenever I would close my eyes, the movie started rolling and getting me all worked up. Daily, even mundane issues start amplifying and causing a near-panic attack state.

I started experimenting with all sleeping pills and tranquilisers known to man – Somnols, Mirtazapine… chemicals that could kill a horse. All for a good night’s sleep. The problem there is, not only is it detrimental to your vital organs it also kills all your productivity and wellbeing for the next day. So essentially, I spent like 5 years living as a zombie. Pills to fall asleep and energy drinks, caffeine pills etc to get back up in the morning.

After falling into a deep dark hole of chemical self-destruction I started seeking help. Yet all any doctors could recommend were drugs to substitute other drugs. Felt like a never-ending spiral down to the worst of what can happen. Fortunately, this was around the time CBD products began poking their head out. Having tried all other substances in the chemistry books I figured I have nothing to lose.

Sure, the first few weeks were difficult. CBD does not hit you in the head with a shovel and make you lose conscious. However, sticking to a very strict schedule of taking my oil drops, going to sleep, and waking up, I am finally 100% off industrial pharmaceuticals.

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