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CBD takes the edge off of my hangovers - Organia CBD oil experience

CBD takes the edge off of my hangovers

Everybody knows that in your 20s you can drop a bunch of social drinks down your throat. You can mix and match, and the next day you'll feel like a freshly sprung tulip. Well, the first day of my 30th birthday was nothing like that anymore. You get your headache, trembling body and your confidence is way back like it was in your teens. Questions like "am I even worth anything?" might pop into your head during these hangovers.

I'm not trying to promote excessive drinking or anything, drinking is bad for you and that's a fact. But as an artist, I get to play shows every now and then, and being on the same page and vibe with your crowd is important. Even a few social beers get my head rough lately, and my well-being the next day usually needs some amping up. Some people tend to lean towards painkillers, some for vitamins, some for cold showers, or all of them mixed - basically everyone has their own remedy for hangovers. Even if everything previous is done, the overall well-being still needs some comfort, some ease to the feeling.

When one of my good friends told me to try CBD as a cure for my hungover I was a bit hesitant at first. I hadn't tried it before and actually didn't find a proper source back in the day (like 4-5 years ago). So a quick search on the internet provided me a few local eco stores that sold some oil. Can't remember which brand it was, but I got the oil, downed a few drops, and waited for a miracle to happen.

There was no miracle, the gardens of Eden didn't open up, and no unicorns passed my route. I was still hungover, for sure. Yet more minutes into the whole experience I did feel some ease to myself. I started experimenting with bigger doses and finally found my sweet spot. It didn't cure my hangover, but it diminished the shaky uncertainty and kind of helped to go back to my usual self. It was a monumental discovery for me, CBD actually takes the edge off of my hangovers.

Well into some years of experimenting with CBD oils on myself I've found tons of different occasions to use it: stressful periods at work, super anxious business decisions, hangovers or even overall focus needs at work. These are just a few I can name in this quick blog post. Now having a part in Organia CBD Oils gives me the access to experiment and create blends that suit my needs and hopefully I can also help others with our products.

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