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How are our oils made?

How are our oils made?

The hemp used for Organia’s CBD oils is grown organically in Croatia under strict EU regulations and processed in full compliance with the appropriate quality assurance regimes (GMP, ISO 9001 & 22000, HACCP & Organic Certification standards).

All our oils are extracted from a strain of Cannabis Sativa which is legal to be grown in the EU and will never include THC levels higher than the legal limit of 0,2%.

Now that we got the legal stuff out of the way, how is the oil actually made?

So, the plant material goes through something called a supercritical CO2 extraction, which basically means that it is introduced to carbon dioxide that has reached a critical point of pressure and temperature where it starts dissolving materials. CBD is then separated from the CO2 by simply reducing the pressure.

What you’re then left with is a paste like extract that now needs to be decarboxylated, filtered and blended with a carrier oil. Let’s go step by step. Decarboxylation means that the extract is introduced to heat to activate the acidic state compounds (such as CBDA, or Cannabidiolic acid) to their active state (such as CBD or Cannabidiol).

In case of full spectrum oils, the result of the decarboxylated extract is then mixed with a coconut MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) carrier oil along with the plant material residue, waxes, and chlorophyll.

Broad spectrum oils go through further decomposition and decarboxylation before being mixed with a carrier oil to reduce the THC component to an undetectable amount of no more than 0,01%. During the decomposition the plant material, waxes, and chlorophyll will be removed while all essential cannabinoids will stay intact.

By removing all other components besides CBD, you get an isolate, which can then be used to create various blends, such as our More Sleep. Isolate based oils will always be more palatable and in some countries the only legal version of CBD than can be used.

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