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Why has my CBD oil turned pink? Organia CBD oils

Why has my CBD oil turned pink?

CBD in any form must be stored in a dark place to avoid direct sunlight. That is one of the reasons why Organia’s CBD oils come in a reusable lightproof package where you can keep your oil in the dark. 

When CBD Oil turns pink, the pink hue is a natural result of an enzyme in MCT carrier oil called “Polyphenol Oxidase” reacting to light and oxygen exposure. This reaction does not alter your CBD oil. It simply means that the MCT Oil used in your CBD product is of the highest quality.

CBD Oil turns pink when the Polyphenol Oxidase enzyme in MCT Oil has been exposed to light and oxygen. It is 100% safe to use pink CBD oil.

If you feel that the pink color clashes with your outfit, you can slow down the oxidation process by storing your CBD oil in the package box it came in or even in the fridge. Still, this isn’t necessary to maintain its life span, nor does the pink color mean the oil has gone bad.

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