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CBD Experience story: Sibilla Bille

CBD Experience story: Sibilla Bille

Who are you and what do you do?

Work wise I'm a marketing project manager and a content creator. I also love to take pictures, videos, travel and go on adventures.

Organia CBD oil experience story

Why do you use CBD?

As many know, working in marketing is very hectic. Meetings, deadlines, ASAPs, presentations, and creative ideas. Unfortunately stress and anxiety is on the daily schedule, but CBD helps me to stay calm.

Would you recommend it to someone? Who/why would it be?

I've been using it for almost four years, and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who experiences all the nerve tickling daily moments. It helps me to stay calm, focused, easy going, in peace with myself and just more like me.

Selfcare, self-love and a healthy nerve system is my number one priority.

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